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WristHuggers Suggestions:


Young Child, 2-5 years


Child, 6-9 years






WristHuggersWristHuggers offer protection from the cold and snow by covering your forearm with warm Polartec Fleece. Wristhuggers are perfect for adults and children. Can be worn with gloves or mittens or simply alone. Helps circulation to fingers too!

WristHuggers are made from high performance four-way stretch fleece. This unique material conforms to the shape of your forearm. The fleece is thin, not bulky. WristHuggers fit perfectly under any clothing or jacket.

WristHuggers were first created to help children by preventing snow from getting in between their jacket and glove. However, WristHuggers have proven themselves to do much more. WristHuggers add warmth to your entire forearm area, thus increasing circulation to your fingers. Remember circulation is the key to warm fingers. WristHuggers actually help improve circulation to your fingers. Better blood flow = warmer fingers.

WristHuggers are fast becoming a key addition to any child's wardrobe who lives in "snow country". Moms have long known the dangers of exposed wrists to freezing temperatures. WristHuggers prevent snow and cold from touching your skin. Once your wrists get cold, your hands are hands will too.

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WristHuggers Gloves With WristHuggers Mittens Without WristHuggers

Applications for WristHuggers appear to be endless. Contractors,
Electricians, Bank Tellers, Fast-Food Window Workers, Postal Carriers,
and many others can tell of the many benefits from wearing WristHuggers.

WristHuggers WristHuggers


Ice Fishing

When at work or play, WristHuggers help you stay warm.
If you get cold hands, try WristHuggers and you
will discover the secret to warm hands.

WristHuggers WristHuggers

Yes, even motorcycling at Sturgis,
WristHuggers help you stay warm.


WristHuggers Product Reviews

"These are the best!" 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Sandy on November 26, 2009

I found Everyday Gaiters Company's WristHuggers and HeadHuggers 7 years ago at the National Western in Denver, CO. Since then I have replaced them once and bought them for all of my friends. They are fabulous! I'm buying them again this year!!!


"Wear while typing" 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Myra on October 26, 2009

I love these, I can type all day and night and my fingers and hands do not get cold. I am getting my 2nd pair.


"I love these things!!!" 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Kathy on October 18, 2008

These are great for horseback riding, or doing chores around the barn in the winter. I also use them for Driving in my car. I won't be without a pair of these in the winter!


WristHuggers"I would like to share with you that I have tendonitis and carpal tunnel in both arms and wrists. I have been wearing WristHuggers for about three years. I wear them daily at work to keep my wrist and arms warm and it has really cut down on the pain. Just wanted to let you know. If you would like to share with others they really do help a lot. A grateful wearer."

~ Anna in Minnetonka, MN


"WristHuggers are a truly wonderful product. Thanks for keeping us warm."

~ Tracy in Apple Valley, MN



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