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Buy LegHuggers Legwarmers

Available in 5 Sizes:

  • X-Small is perfect for children between 5-10 years old. Also a good choice for arm warmers for women.
  • Small is a good choice for small and slender women. Also a good choice as arm warmers for men.
  • Medium is perfect for average women and smaller men. Also good as an arm warmer for larger men.
  • Large is good for larger women and for extending up on the thigh.
  • X-Large is good for heavier women and for extending up on a large thigh.

Remember the 80's and the movie FlashDance?

LegHuggers leg warmers

That's right, leg warmers are back in fashion and better than ever! Our brand is called LegHuggers and they actually keep your legs warm! Made from our soft 4-way stretch Polartec Fabric, these LegHuggers are soft, warm and oh so cozy!!

Leg warmers have always been a good idea for dancers in keeping their legs warm in between dances. But they are very popular and practical for anyone who would like a little extra warmth on the legs.

The original application from the movie was to wear them down below the knee in a scrunched look to keep your lower leg warm. But we have learned that legwarmers, (LegHuggers), can be used for a variety of applications.


Applications for leg warmers are almost endless:

  • LegHuggersFully extended from the ankle to well above the knee, thus keeping your leg warmer much higher. Perfect for under dresses going to work, for extra warmth at cold sporting events, for help with medical problems that benefit from keeping your legs warm. In fact, when worn with our FootHugger Bootsocks, LegHuggers, in the larger sizes, will actually fit all the way up to the top of your thigh! Wow! Now that is a warm leg!
  • Double-folded into itself, LegHuggers can be used to focus warmth at the knee. Perfect for arthritic knees!
  • As arm warmers! Yes, that's right. Our smaller sizes can be worn on the arm to help keep arms warmer and to improve circulation to the fingers - we call these ArmHuggers.
  • As a hat! Yep, the larger sizes can be worn as a hat for a crazy look while playing in the snow.
LegHuggers LegHuggers

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LegHuggers Leg Warmers Product Reviews

My foothuggers are the best 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Beth on December 20, 2008

It feels like I don't have socks on. So comfortable! The softness I love. I know I will be getting more and trying other products. I think my sister who is a waitress would benefit from a pair of these.


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