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HeadHuggers Balaclavas



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HeadHuggers are the most comfortable Balaclava available today. Made from Polartec Powerstrech Fleece, HeadHuggers offer full protection, warmth, yet thin. Perfect for anyone working or playing outside. Can be worn under any helmet, hardhat, or simply alone.

HeadHuggersHeadHuggers are simply the best answer to complete comfort and warmth for around your head. Generically called "Balaclavas", HeadHuggers cover your head, ears, shoulders, neck, upper back and chest. Designed to keep you warm all over, but not too warm. HeadHuggers breath, allowing you to be active and not sweat underneath.

Notice the built-in scarf. With the HeadHugger, you eliminate the gap at the base of your neck where cold air always gets in. The material lays flat, allowing your jacket to fit right. No bunching-up at the neck.

HeadHuggers are made of Polartec Power Stretch Fleece with Lycra. Unlike others that have drawstrings, HeadHuggers are lightweight, warm, and stretch in all directions giving you complete comfort. If you work or play in the cold all day, HeadHuggers are your best choice. Perfect under any helmet, hat, or simply alone.

Available in many colors and sizes to fit children and any size adult.

If you have been looking for the best, you have found it!!


HeadHuggers Product Reviews

"I work outside and the HeadHugger and Glove Liners are essential for me to make it through the night. Thank you for having them."

"We love our Earhuggers in North Dakota."


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