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Color options vary by size.

BootHuggers Gaiters Colors


BootHuggers Sizing Guidelines:

Extra Small

Perfect for very young children, ages 2-4 years old.


Designed for kids ages 5-8 years old.


This is the most common size for many folks. People 10 years old and older wear medium. Most adult women wear medium. Smaller men can also wear mediums.


This is the common size for most adult men and large adult women.


This is a specialty item. Same diameter as a large, but much taller. Reaches to about mid-thigh. Great for kneeling during ice fishing or road spray while motorcycling.

Extra Large

This too is a special size for very large adults who need extra width. Typically 300lbs or more required to justify this size.

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Customer Service Hours:
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BootHuggers Customer Testimonials

I'm a letter carrier in the snowiest city in the USA. Your BootHuggers really do as you claim, keep your feet dry and warm. I'm a true believer. Thank-you for a fine product.

~ John in Syracuse, NY

"I've had a set of BootHugger Gaiters for a long time and love them. My son is now big enough to need a set also, I am very happy to have found you again. They are also great for 4-wheeling and mountain biking."

"I love my BootHuggers. Your product is priced right and does the job perfectly. Thank-you!"

~ Margie in Baltimore, Maryland


"BootHuggers Gaiters keep snow out and warmth in"

BootHuggers Gaiters are simply the best answer to staying warm and dry anytime you have to be out in the snow and cold.

Designed for adults and children, BootHuggers eliminate the chance of snow getting inside your boots. BootHuggers also keep your pants dry and help retain body heat from your knees down to your toes.

BootHuggers are made from 2-ply laminate Ultrex and are completely waterproof and windproof. Designed to be simple to use, BootHuggers are unique in that they are designed to remain on your boots all season long. That makes them simple to use because they are ready to go when you are. No more procedure in attaching your "gaiters" to your boots.

BootHuggers have no zipper, no Velcro, no snaps, no hooks - nothing to for you to do and nothing to fail. With BootHuggers, you simply pull them up when you go outside. Push them down when you come in - simple. BootHuggers use elastic to keep them in place. A bottom strap fits under your boot - in front of the heel. This strap keeps BootHuggers pulled down tight on your boot. The bottom edge of BootHuggers have another elastic strap sewn inside the material that keeps BootHuggers tight around your boots. Finally, the top edge has another elastic strap that fits gently around your leg. A perfect fit is when BootHuggers are positioned just below your knee.

Snow gets in Boot

On the left, you see a common Winter pack boot worn with jeans. Although this is very common, so are the results. Snow can easily get inside your boots. Snow becomes water. Socks get soaked. Feet get very, very, cold.

BootHuggers Gaiters

On the right, the same Winter pack boot has a BootHugger Gaiter. The BootHugger covers the top of the boot and the pants leg up to the knee. Snow and cold can't get in, your Body heat stays in. You stay warm and dry even in deep snow. Best of all, your feet stay dry and warm.


BootHuggers have many applications

Snowshoeing Camping



Snowblowing Snowmobiling




BootHuggers are perfect for kids playing in the snow.
Sliding, skiing, snowboarding, horsing around, or just waiting
for the bus. BootHuggers will keep your kids dry and warm.

Kids Playing in the Snow Sledding


Large-Tall BootHuggers

Large-Tall BootHuggers are a specialty item. Large-Tall extend up past your knee and to your upper thigh. Designed for applications like ice fishing, motorcycling with wet roads, or any other situation wear very tall protection is required.

Large-Tall BootHuggers are perfect
for motorcycling on wet roads.

As you can see, Large-Talls extend
above the knee to almost mid-thigh.

BootHuggers on a Motorcycle BootHuggers on a Motorcycle


BootHuggers are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

BootHugger Kids

If you are tired of getting snow in your boots
or simply find installing "gaiters" too much trouble,

BootHuggers are the answer!

BootHugger Gaiters are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Waterproof, windproof, and simple to use. Perfect for children and adults.


BootHuggers Gaiters Product Reviews

Boothuggers for Rain 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by cart pusher on March 30, 2010

I wear these over or under my rain pants adding an extra layer while working out in the rain.


Gaiters for Rain 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by cart pusher on March 13, 2010

I wore these for the rain and they keep my rain pants from getting soaked, it's always a good idea to wear an extra layer in the cold wet rain.

Order Online: 24/7 - Everyday

Order at:

Customer Service Hours:
9:00am-4:00pm CST (Monday-Friday)
Phone (952) 240-4981


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