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1st Annual April Fool's Day Promotion

All online orders entered between April 1st and midnight, April 15th 2011 (central time) will be entered into a drawing. The order selected will be free. Yes, I said FREE ! All items ordered and all shipping charges will be credited back to you by April 20th. Your total order will be absolutely free! If you order one item, that is what you get free. If you order 25 items, you get all 25 items free. No limit to what you can order. This is not an April's Fools Day Joke - This is Real !!

As online orders arrive they will be handled as usual. However, they will also be entered into this drawing. On April 16th we will select an order at random that will be the winner. The winner will be contacted via email with the news. The winning order will have their total order credited back by April 20th. We will also be sending a follow-up special newsletter to announce the results of this contest. Good-luck to everyone!


Featured April 2011 Events

April 1-3: Iowa Horse Fair
State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, IA

If you live in Iowa and you love horses, this is your show! This is the largest Equine Trade Show in Iowa. Clinicians include Stacy Westfall, Richard Shrake, Yvonne Barteau, Dan Grunewald, Kelli Paulson, & Farrah Greene. Grab the kids and head on over for a great weekend of horses.

Iowa Horse Fair Iowa Horse Fair


April 7-10: Equine Affaire
Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus, Ohio

Equine Affaire's legendary educational program forms the cornerstone of the event. Soak up information and advice in a virtual "smorgasbord" of more than 230 clinics, seminars, and demonstrations on a wide variety of equestrian sports and horse training, management, health, and business topics. Equine Affaire's roster of presenters will include Olympians; World and National Champion riders; Pan Am Games, WEG, and NFR competitors; popular equestrian TV personalities; authors; course designers; judges; veterinarians; professors, and other top industry professionals from throughout the United States and beyond.

Equine Affaire's trade shows are widely recognized as the "biggest and best" in the horse industry. Each event features hundreds of the nation's leading equine-related retailers, manufacturers, service providers, associations, and organizations offering attendees the opportunity to browse through acres of informative exhibits and equine products and services ranging from tack, riding apparel, artwork, gifts, and grooming supplies to fencing, stalls, barns, farm equipment, and horse trailers.

Informative Breed Pavilions & Demonstrations

Equine AffaireNearly 50 breeds of horses from North America, Europe, and beyond have been featured in Equine Affaire's hugely popular Breed Pavilions. National and regional breed associations and color registries exhibit in the Pavilions where their representatives are available to answer questions about their breeds. A rotating cast of equines from miniatures to drafts and from stock horses to sport horses is on exhibit and presented in hand for "up close and personal" evaluation. Breed demonstrations scattered through the clinic schedule in the main arenas enable attendees to appreciate the conformation, characteristics, and aptitudes of horses of different breeds.

Impressive Horse & Farm Exhibits

In the barns at the Ohio and Massachusetts Equine Affaires there are Horse & Farm Exhibits areas, which complement the exhibits and activities in the Breed Pavilions at those events. Event goers network with representatives of individual breeding farms and training stables to further explore breeds of horses, horses for sale, stallions at stud, riding lessons, and training and boarding facilities.

Popular Youth Pavilions
& Celebrity Horse Showcases

Equine Affaire recognizes the importance of the next generation of horsemen through Youth Pavilions at the Ohio and Massachusetts events. These Pavilions feature exhibits by horse-related associations, a demo ring with presentations specifically geared to young equestrians, breed spotlights, and a host of fun activities for the youngest horse enthusiasts including model horse painting, stick horse making, horse tattoos, and stick horse rodeos. Famous equines from the competition and cinematic arenas are on display and ready for photo ops at the Celebrity Horse Showcase.

Helpful Trail Riding Pavilions

With retail and educational exhibits and a schedule of seminars and demos on topics relating to trail riding and trail use, the Trail Riding Pavilions at the California and Ohio events provide riders with everything they need to know to enhance their trail riding experiences.

Fantastic "Pfizer Fantasias"

Produced on Thursday through Saturday evenings at each Ohio and Massachusetts exposition, the Pfizer Fantasia is Equine Affaire's signature "musical celebration of the horse." From Black Beauty to the Black Stallion, the horse is the stuff of dreams. Fantasy meets reality at each Pfizer Fantasia—a spectacle featuring a star-studded lineup of professional equestrian performers, exceptional horses, music, and a touch of magic. (A separate ticket is required.)

Exciting Versatile Horse & Rider Competitions

Open to adult riders of all disciplines and horses of all breeds, Equine Affaire's Versatile Horse & Rider Competitions—conducted at the Massachusetts and Ohio expositions—are fast-paced events in which horse and rider teams race through obstacle courses at top speeds while being judged on their horsemanship skills at each obstacle. Crowds cheer on their favorite competitors as the teams tackle challenging obstacles and horsemanship tests and are pushed out of their "comfort zones". The race is on for $5500 in cash, saddles, and other prizes!

Midwest Horse Fair

Midwest Horse Fair April 15-17: Midwest Horse Fair
Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI

This is one of the top 3-day Horse Fairs in the USA. Everything you want to see and learn can be experienced at this incredible event. If you love horses and want to learn more about almost any topic, this show is for you. If you live in Wisconsin or even close by, make plans to attend this wonderful event.


April 29 - May 1: Minnesota Horse Expo
State Fairgrounds in St. Paul, MN

Minnesota's Largest Equine Trade Show and Breed Exposition

In Minnesota, this is it if you love horses and want the most and best information and tack in the state. Come and enjoy the weekend with your friends and family.

Minnesota Horse Expo


* FootHuggers News Flash *

Here is some exciting news! FootHuggers was recently accepted to be a vendor at the 2011 World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. The show dates are October 4-8, 2011. This expo is the international dairy meeting place, a five-day event showcasing the finest in dairy genetics and the newest technologies available to the dairy industry. Now I know that most of you do not raise cows or are in the milking business. But think of all the dairy items you do enjoy. Milk, Cheese, butter, whip cream, etc. This is a huge industry and this is the only World Expo in the ... World!!! People will be attending from all over the ... World. So, for us here at FootHuggers, this is a huge opportunity to show our line of products to a bunch of new people from around the world. Together with our website. Now people can order our products from anywhere.


* Customer Testimonial *

I LOVE THE BOOT-LENGTH/KNEEHIGH SOCKS! I am a diabetic, and I love how the band at the top is tight and loose at the same time so they do not restrict my circulation. My feet always seem to be cold, so I wear these socks on my feet at night and it helps my body stay warm and comfortable! Thank-you!

Name: Amy T.


* Another FootHugger News Flash *

Mark your calendars! FootHuggers will be at the Stars & Stripes & Spokes™ Inaugural Motorcycle Rally that will be held in Washington, DC at RFK Stadium Festival Grounds Memorial Day Weekend on May 27-30, 2011.

Stars and Stripes and Spokes Inaugural Motorcycle Rally

Join thousands of other like-minded patriotic motorcycle enthusiasts in honoring the sacrifice of our nation's armed forces during the long Memorial Day weekend in the Nation's Capital. This new event will cost you exactly zero dollars to get in - no admission fees! - and zero dollars to park - free parking for all motorcycles! What have you got to lose? There will be live music, hundreds of vendors, lots of food, cold beer and the company of thousands of fellow riders and DC tourists in town to honor and acknowledge the service of our fellow citizens who serve our nation under arms.

Need more info? Here is their website

Motorcycle Rally Hours are:

Friday, May 27, 2011 - Sunday, May 29, 2011
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Monday, May 30, 2011
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


* Still, Another- FootHugger News Flash *

FootHuggers will be exhibiting at the Americade, June 7-11th 2011!

Americade has become the world's largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally, attracting over 50,000 annually.

Americade 2011

It's a convention of tourers, sport-tourers and cruising motorcycles enjoying a week-long festival of motorcycling, including guided tours in the beautiful Adirondack Park and Green Mountains of Vermont, two massive trade shows with nearly 250 vendors, demos and displays from nearly all the major motorcycle manufacturers, and much, much more. If you would like more info check out their website at


Featured Product of the Month:

Knee-High Bootsocks

This is our tallest sock most commonly referred to as knee-high. And yes. It is very tall. The top cuff actually meets were your knee starts. The cuff rests in that small area just below the knee and above the calf muscle.

Like the Crew Style FootHuggers, the Bootsock has a top cuff that is doubled and gently holds to your leg. FootHuggers socks do not use elastic. Instead FootHuggers use Spandex or Lycra. Both of these materials are very gentle and do not grip your legs as aggressively as elastic.

But do they stay up? Yes, FootHugger Bootsocks have been carefully designed to stay up without feeling tight. Our latest improvement has added two inches in height to our original design. This increased length helps ensure that the Bootsock actually reaches that small area above the calf were your leg is smaller. The Bootsock material is hand-cut to match the shape of your leg. Smaller at the very top. Bigger at the meaty part of your calf, and smaller by the ankle. FootHugger Bootsocks stay up because they are designed to match your shape!

As you may have guessed, FootHugger Bootsocks are designed to fit in boots. Any boot. Western boots have never felt so comfortable and now go on easier and come off easier. Your boots and feet feel great. Dress boots, Ski boots, Military boots, etc. FootHugger Bootsocks make all your boots more comfortable. Need more info? Check out FootHuggers Bootsocks on our website at


FootHuggers Cares

How can FootHuggers Comfort Socks help
with PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease)?

  1. FootHuggers have no elastic. No tightness around the foot or leg. This helps promote good circulation, unlike normal socks seen in photos below.
  2. FootHuggers socks cushion your feet. Helps with your comfort.
  3. FootHuggers are thin enough to wear in all your shoes.
  4. FootHuggers Bootsocks give gentle support to the lower leg without tightness, thus promoting good circulation.

What is "PAD" - Peripheral Arterial Disease?

(Reprinted from National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute)

Peripheral arterial disease - also known as P.A.D. - is a common, yet serious, disease that raises the risk of heart attack and stroke. P.A.D. develops when arteries in your legs become clogged with plaque - fatty deposits that limit blood flow to your legs. Just like clogged arteries in the heart, clogged arteries in the legs raise your risk for heart attack or stroke.

P.A.D. affects 8 to 12 million people in the United States, especially those over age 50. P.A.D. does not always cause symptoms, so many people may have P.A.D. and not know it. People who do experience symptoms, such as pain or cramping in the legs, often do not report them, believing they are a natural part of aging or due to another cause.

$2.00 OFF FootHuggers Show Coupon Goes Green

Thank-you for your interest and support. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter as well. Here at FootHuggers we want to say Thank You and we look forward to another wonderful year. Please forward this newsletter to a friend who might benefit from this information.

Have a great day!!

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