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FootHuggers Western Booth
FootHuggers is off again to another busy year. This January we were back at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO for our 9th year. The Denver Stock Show has become one of our favorite shows all year. It gets the New Year off to a good start. This year we introduced a new line of gloves from Manzella. With the addition of gloves to our product line, we now more than ever, can keep you warm and toasty for working in cold weather.

blue ribbon for being the Most Congenial booth at the Denver showAlso during the Denver show, we were presented with a blue ribbon for being the "Most Congenial" booth at the show (I guess we upset the fewest customers). This was a total surprise and greatly appreciated.

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is our 2nd show of the year and was again a great show. Here again, the added line of gloves really proved to be a popular item with our customers. Indian from Apache NationDuring the show, Fort Worth and the entire Dallas area experienced a real cold snap (Just like we get in Minnesota). As luck would have it, we were in the right spot at the right time with just the right products to help show goers survive in comfort the arctic temperatures.

We also had a visitor from the Apache nation. It appears that real Indians can appreciate the many benefits of FootHugger Socks too!


* FootHugger Flash News *

FootHuggers will be exhibiting at the San Antonio Stock Show!

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was a total surprise. On the last day of the Fort Worth Show, we received the call from the San Antonio Exhibits Manager that they had a spot for us in the show - if we were available. Needless to say, we found a way to make this happen. In less than 48 hours, we packed up the show at Fort Worth and were set-up in San Antonio. What a great opportunity for all of us. A little tired, but grateful for the chance to join this wonderful event.


** Another - FootHugger Flash News **

FootHuggers will be exhibiting at the Houston Stock Show!

FootHuggers at the Houston Stock Show

We got the call on February 10th while setting up at the Affair of the Heart craft show in Oklahoma City, OK. Houston had a small booth become available for us and they called to see if we were interested. Well, after trying for the past three years to join the show, I didn't have to think long before saying Yes!!!

The Houston Stock Show runs March 1st-20th! Houston has incredible concerts all show long. If you ever wanted to see a great event, check-out the Houston Stock Show website and start making plans.

To make the event even more special, we are offering a verbal coupon for $3.00 off any FootHugger comfort sock purchased at the Houston Stock Show. One coupon offer per customer. To receive the discount, you must mention the offer from the newsletter and say the key word "Houston" and you will get $3.00 off.


Look who's wearing FootHuggers

Thunder The Denver Broncos MascotJohn with Ann Judge-Wegener
We had a special visitor stop by the FootHuggers booth this January. Ann Judge-Wegener is the rider of "Thunder" the horse, whom is The Denver Broncos Mascot. Ann wears FootHuggers Bootsocks whenever she rides at the games to keep her feet comfortable. She was performing at the Stock Show and made a point to stop by and say hello. What a wonderful surprise!


Testimony from Threejays Carriages

Threejays Carriages says "Attached is a picture of me driving in the 2011 Fort Worth Stock Show Parade. We received the honor of being chosen as The Best Horse-drawn Vehicle entry in the parade. I was wearing my FootHuggers because it was a chilly and misty morning in Fort Worth, TX. My husband, my friends and my family all have purchased your socks and all are extremely pleased with them. I will certainly be purchasing more later this year because I will need them for our busy holiday carriage season. Thank you for making a great product!"


Featured Product of the Month

BootHuggers Gaiters

BootHuggers Gaiters are simply the best answer to staying warm and dry anytime you have to be out in the snow and cold. Designed for adults and children, BootHuggers eliminate the chance of snow getting inside your boots. BootHuggers also keep your pants dry and help retain body heat from your knees down to your toes.

BootHuggers are made from 2-ply laminate Ultrex and are completely waterproof and windproof. Designed to be simple to use, BootHuggers are unique in that they are designed to remain on your boots all season long. That makes them simple to use because BootHuggers are ready to go when you are. No more procedure in attaching your "gaiters" to your boots.

BootHuggers have no zipper, no Velcro, no snaps, no hooks - nothing to for you to do and nothing to fail. With BootHuggers, you simply pull them up when you go outside. Push them down when you come in - simple. BootHuggers use elastic to keep them in place. A bottom strap fits under your boot - in front of the heel. This strap keeps BootHuggers pulled down tight on your boot. The bottom edge of BootHuggers has another elastic strap sewn inside the material that keeps BootHuggers tight around your boots. Finally, the top edge has another elastic strap that fits gently around your leg. A perfect fit is when BootHuggers are positioned just below your knee. Need more info? Check out our website at


FootHuggers Cares

How can FootHuggers Comfort Socks help with Diabetes?

  1. FootHuggers have no elastic. No tightness around the foot or leg. Helps promote good circulation, unlike normal socks.
  2. FootHuggers help wick moisture away. Wicking moisture helps your feet all year long.
  3. In the winter, sweaty feet can become cold feet. Heat leaves your body much faster when you are wet. Socks that help evaporation also help your feet stay warmer. FootHuggers socks insulate your foot, helping you stay warm.
  4. In the Summer, sweaty feet can become hot, burning feet. FootHuggers promote evaporation which is a cooling process for the body. On a hot day, wearing FootHuggers can actually feel cooler than bare feet in sandals.
  5. FootHuggers socks cushion your feet. Helps with your comfort.
  6. FootHuggers are thin enough to wear in all your shoes. Review each style to discover which style best meets your individual needs.

FootHuggers Comfort Socks are available in three styles: Anklets, Crew Socks, and Knee-high Bootsocks. Review each style and choose the sock that best meets your individual needs.

Did you know that FootHugger Comfort Socks are all USA made? They are!

The fabric we use is made by Polartec LLC located in Lawrence, MA.

Previously known as Malden Mills, they are the creators of Polartec© fabrics - the most advanced performance textiles available today. They can keep you warm when it's cold, keep you dry when you sweat, even repel wind, rain, and snow to protect you from the elements. We buy their fabric and ship it to Minnesota where we make FootHuggers Socks. No China connection here. Even our thread is made in America! Just thought you might want to know.

Want to be included in some Giveaways and Contests? Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well. Here at FootHuggers we want to say Thank You and we look forward to another wonderful year. Please forward this newsletter to a friend who might benefit from this information.

Have a great day!!


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