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Q. FootHuggers look too thick. Will they REALLY fit in my shoes?

A. Actually, FootHuggers are thinner than typical cotton socks. If you wear socks in your shoes or boots, FootHuggers will fit. In-fact, your shoes and boots will now feel more comfortable then ever before!

Q. I'm very sensitive to seams in socks.
Will I feel the seams in FootHuggers?

A. FootHuggers are hand cut and sewn using a technique that makes all the seams lay flat against your skin. 99% of our customers detect no seams at all.

Q. Why do FootHuggers feel so much better than regular socks?

A. FootHuggers are made from a high-performance four-way stretch fabric that does not use elastic. Instead, the fabric uses Lycra or Spandex to give it a great body-hugging stretch. It's feels like your not wearing socks, only way better.

Q. Why is wicking action so important?

A. Wicking is a term that is used a lot these days. Simply put, a material that wicks helps move moisture away from your skin. Synthetic fabrics naturally wick moisture because the fibers do not absorb moisture. The moisture travels on the surface of the fiber, creating more surface area, exposing the moisture to more air and thus helping evaporation. Natural fibers, like cotton, absorb moisture but they also hold that same moisture all day. That's why cotton socks stay wet.

Why is wicking important? Because you are more comfortable when you are dry. In the winter you will feel warmer when you are dry. In the summer, you feel cooler when you are dry.

Q. Why are FootHuggers warmer in the winter than regular socks?

A. FootHuggers use a material that is an excellent insulator. That means they help hold in more body heat. Regular socks often have almost no insulating properties and that makes you feet cold in the winter.

Q. Can I wear FootHuggers in the summer or will I get too Hot?

A. Most customers report that they wear FootHuggers year-round. The same properties that make FootHuggers warm in the winter also helps you stay cool in the Summer. We recommend Anklets in the summer. Once you wear FootHuggers, you will know. The best method is to try them yourself.

Q. How long will they last?

A. This will vary depending on how often you wear them and how hard you are on socks. Generally speaking, people experience between 1 - 3 years of life from a pair of FootHuggers.

Q. I wear steel-toed boots.
How long will FootHuggers last in steel-toed boots?

A. Steel-toed boots have a reputation of eating socks. We recommend wearing a liner sock under a pair of FootHugger Comfort Socks. The Dual-System of two layers will extend the wear and comfort in these applications.

Q. What special washing instructions are required for FootHuggers?

A. Actually very little.

1. Do not use liquid fabric softener in the wash cycle. Liquid fabric softener tends to coat the material, reducing the wicking action of the material.

2. Do not dry socks in a hot dryer. The material does not retain moisture. Therefore, FootHuggers are almost dry after washing. Therefore a cool dryer or no dryer is all that is needed.

Q. Will FootHugger Bootsocks stay up?

A. YES !! With our new design implemented in 2006, we can proudly report that most customers report that Bootsocks stay up very well. Each sock is cut to closely resemble the shape of your leg. By having the sock extend up and over the top of your calf, the top cuff ends just below the knee where your leg is smaller. Once located here, the sock stays up naturally.

Q. Do FootHuggers have a heel or are they a tube sock?

A. FootHuggers have a heel.

Q. Is it one size fits all?

A. No, FootHuggers will fit a range of foot sizes, but it is best to select a size that most closely approximates your shoes size. Example: Ladies size 7, she would wear a small. Example: Man shoes size 10 with a wide foot. The best choice is a large. When evaluating proper sizing, be sure to take into account length and width. As your foot gets wider, you may need to select the next size up.

Q. I have very large calves. Will your bootsocks fit?

A. Typically, when you have a larger calf, selecting a size one step above your shoe size will help allow for a larger calf. If you calves are extra large, you may need to jump to extra large just to be sure.

Q. I have tried everything and still have cold feet.
Do FootHuggers REALLY work?


Q. When hunting, after a few hours my feet get cold.
Will FootHuggers help?

A. FootHuggers are a great choice for hunting. We recommend a liner sock worn under the FootHugger Comfort Sock for extra protection. Remember: Clothing does not create heat, your body does. The best clothing can do is to help capture that heat and hold it as long as possible. The longer you stay motionless, the less heat you body creates and the less heat the clothing has to capture.

Q. I have Diabetes. How can FootHuggers help my feet?

A. FootHuggers help in many ways. FootHuggers have no elastic. No tightness. No dents in your legs caused from tight elastic. Better circulation. FootHuggers help your feet stay warmer, improving circulation and sensing. FootHuggers cushion every step, relieving foot pain.

Q. How do FootHuggers help with Neuropathy?

A. FootHuggers help circulation and offer greater cushioning then other socks. People who suffer with Neuropathy report FootHuggers make a significant improvement in their foot comfort. Less pain as they walk.

Q. Can I wear FootHuggers in sandals?

A. Yes. In-fact, many people have discovered that sandals feel much more comfortable when wearing FootHuggers. In the summer, your feet stay cooler then barefoot when wearing FootHuggers.

Q. Will FootHugger Bootsocks be good for skiing or snowboarding?

A. Yes. FootHugger Bootsocks are a perfect choice for skiing or snowboarding. FootHuggers are thin, wicking, smooth, warm, and very tall. FootHugger Bootsocks extend above the top of all boots and will fit in even the tightest fitting boots.

Q. Can I get FootHuggers for my kids?

A. Yes. FootHuggers are available in both Crew and Bootsock styles for children with a shoe size of 8 or larger.

Yahoo Answers: What's the best tight fitting gloves for raynauds?

We found two wonderful products from a family-run company in Minnesota. Both are made of Polartec®, but the fabric is a thinner version than used for most apparel, keeping you dry, warm and comfy but without weight and bulk.

Foothugger socks do a great job of keeping feet warm with a soft, cushiony, stretchy feel. While we've seen Polartec® socks before, these are so thin they actually take up less space than typical cotton socks, thus accommodating most shoes and avoiding that "stuffed in" feeling.

Each sock is individually hand sewn with flat seams that run along the sides of the foot, not across the toe which can be sensitive after severe Raynaud's attacks. And their body-hugging 4-way stretch material pulls moisture and sweat away, drying at least twice as fast as cotton to keep feet dry.

Wristhuggers are fingerless gloves with one large hole for fingers; separate hole for thumb. First created to help children prevent snow from getting in between their jacket and gloves, this design has proven to do much more.

  • Covers the entire forearm, thus increasing circulation to the hands and fingers.
  • Made of the same 4-way stretch, high-performance Polartec┬« fabric as the Foothuggers - the thin, soft fleece keeps you warm without bulk.
  • Soft elastic around the finger openings and top of the forearm keep Wristhuggers from bunching up, so they slide easily under any clothing or jacket.

Source: Retired Orthopaedic Nurse


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