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FootHuggers Crew Socks

Available in sizes: Child, Extra Small, Small,
Medium, Large, and Extra Large

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Order Online: 24/7 - Everyday

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Customer Service Hours:
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Crew Style SocksCrew Style Socks

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Crew style socks are the most common style that people wear.

FootHugger Crew Socks extend approx. 6 inches above the ankle. (They are not mid-calf.) The top cuff is doubled and gently holds to your leg. FootHuggers socks do not use elastic. Instead FootHuggers use Spandex or Lycra. Both of these materials are very gentle on the feet and legs and do not grip your legs as aggressively as elastic. As a result, most people can wear FootHuggers Crew Socks with much improved comfort.

If you suffer from cold feet more often than you would like, FootHuggers Comfort Socks are the answer. FootHuggers wrap your foot in snugly comfort and warmth. FootHuggers look thick, but are actually quite thin and will fit in all your boots and shoes. Say goodbye to cold feet, wear FootHuggers Comfort Socks.

FootHuggers are a wicking sock that helps control moisture, promoting evaporation of perspiration, and helping to keeping your foot dry. FootHuggers also insulate your foot keeping you comfortably warm in the Winter. Can FootHuggers also keep you cool in the Summer? Yes they can!

In June 2006 at the Peoples Fair event in downtown Denver, the air temperature was 98 degrees. People were HOT!! Everyone was wearing shorts, t-shirts and bare-foot sandals. To prove our point, we had people try FootHuggers in their sandals. Much to their surprise, their feet felt cooler instantly! FootHuggers are a wicking sock. What that means is they help move moisture away from your skin and promote evaporation. Well, at 98 degrees, evaporation happens fast, and that's cooling to the skin, and that feels great!

If you suffer with Diabetes, FootHuggers may be your best choice for diabetic socks. With no elastic, FootHuggers offer greater comfort, improved circulation, and more cushion for your feet. FootHuggers help your feet stay warm and cozy when you are so used to having cold feet. FootHuggers are also a wicking sock that helps control moisture and that's good for your feet.

If you suffer with Neuropathy, FootHuggers have been helping many people with this nerve condition. FootHuggers help with Neuropathy by adding a cushion to every step. Helping to minimize or eliminate the discomfort often felt with Neuropathy

If you live with Raynaud's Syndrome, FootHuggers should become your everyday sock. The warmth you will feel will brighten your day. FootHuggers will be perfect any time of year. The Raynaud's Association has tested FootHuggers and have given them a big THUMBS UP! (Be sure to visit their website at to learn more about Raynauds and related information.)

Like all FootHuggers Comfort Socks, FootHuggers Crew Socks do not have that annoying seam across the toe area. All seams lay flat against your skin and are rarely noticed at all. FootHuggers Comfort Socks are pure comfort. It's like wearing bedroom slippers. Your feet are cushioned all day and feel great. If you are on your feet all day, you will notice your feet actually feel good all day!

We have also discovered people who live with Arthritis, Gout, and Lupus have found significant comfort from wearing FootHuggers Comfort Socks. FootHuggers keep your feet so comfortable and warm, with no tightness. Aching joints feel better all day.


Applications for FootHuggers Crew Socks include:

Dress Shoes:

Yes, they do fit in Dress shoes! If your feet get cold in dress shoes, you need FootHuggers. Perfect in all shoes.

Work Boots:

Perfect in work boots. If you work outside all-day no matter what the weather, FootHugger Crew Socks will keep your feet feeling great all-day. Wicks moisture, adds comfort, and helps control odor.


The wicking action of the material help sweat evaporate keeping you more comfortable during long walks. Recommend a liner sock too to help control blisters.

Cross-Country Skiing:

Perfect choice. Fits in the small boots with warmth and comfort. Just the right height.


A great choice. The wicking action of the material help sweat evaporate keeping you more comfortable during your run. Perfect all-season, especially under long running slacks.


Crew socks are a popular choice for wearing to bed. If you routinely have cold feet in bed, FootHugger Anklets are the answer.


Crew socks are great to wear when watching TV or a sports game. Snugly warm on the couch!


Many people simply wear FootHugger Crew Socks like slippers around the house. Great for keeping cold feet warm. (Please note, our socks do not have gripper bottoms, so they may be slippery on hard surfaces like linoleum or wood floors.


FootHugger Crew Socks are a popular choice to wear in these great sandals all Winter.


Yes, even Crocks feel better with FootHuggers. In the Winter, the new found warmth of FootHuggers will make your favorite Crocks a treat. Now you can wear them year-round!


Order Online: 24/7 - Everyday

Order at:

Customer Service Hours:
9:00am-4:00pm CST (Monday-Friday)
Phone (952) 240-4981

A Comment About Crew Socks

In our opinion, not everyone should wear crew socks.

Let me explain: Crew socks typically extend to around the mid-calf area. Everyone's legs are large at the calf area and they get progressively narrower as you move down toward the foot. In other words, you legs have a cone-shape. In order for any sock to stay up and not fall down as you walk, they must employ some form of gripping material to hold them in place on your leg. Most sock manufacturers use elastic. The elastic grips your leg and keeps the sock from falling down as you walk. But the elastic also constricts your leg, potentially causing other problems.

Having said all that, people need to understand their own legs and what works and what does not work. If you have Diabetes, circulation problems, edema, swelling, or other issues in which you legs are swollen or sensitive to elastic, then crew socks may not be the best choice. We would recommend you consider FootHuggers Anklets or FootHuggers Bootsocks. If you notice dents in your legs from socks, CHANGE SOCKS.


FootHuggers Customer Testimonials


FootHuggers Crew SocksFiona, age 25-34, Crew sock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; Superb fit and very cozy; Once you've tried FootHuggers you will never want to wear any others; I would buy them.

Kathryn, age 25-34, Crew sock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; I like the soft material & ease of getting them on; FootHuggers kept my feet warm, which I usually find difficult with my Raynaud's. They helped to maintain the temperature of my feet which ended up helping my ulcers; I would buy them.


Best socks I have ever worn!!!! 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Donna Lickteig on April 21, 2010

I purchased my first pairs of FootHugger Bootsocks at Equifest in Wichita KS in 2008. I immediately fell in love with them and purchased some of the Crew and Anklet styles as well. I am diabetic, plus have always had issues with socks bugging my toes. My family teases me because I always wore my sock inside out because the seam across the toes drove me nuts. FootHuggers don't have that seam! I am a trail rider and I wear these sock with my boots year round. Totally comfy no matter what.


Husband loves them! 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Cindy Gray on March 3, 2010

I found these wonderful socks at a Christmas & Gift Show in Harrisburg, Pa. My husband has diabetes with Neuropathy of his feet and I thought they would be perfect. I bought 3 pair of FootHuggers Crew Socks and he loves them! We have since ordered more for him and I'm getting some FootHuggers for me for the summer. What a great product!


Wonderful socks! 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Barb Brown on December 31, 2009

I came across these socks at a craft show. I was curious, tried on a pair and could not believe the comfort. I bought 3 pair and I just love them. I have been telling everyone about them. I'm purchasing 2 pair for my mom, she diabetic and I believe these socks will be benificial for her condition.


Would not have believed it!! 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Mary Ann Jay on August 31, 2009

I saw these at the Minnesota State Fair & was skeptical but that has gone out the door. I bought the crew socks & they are the best sock I have ever worn. My feet always sweat no matter what sock I wear & in these they do not sweat. They are comfortable & have to say how lucky was to find these. I am a cattle rancher/farmer. & My work boots always hurt, but not now! I can't believe how good my feet feel all day. Fantastic product!!! A definite 5 stars.


I LOVE these socks! 5-Star Winter Apparel
Posted by Marie Dvorak on December 16, 2008

A friend told me her husband always had cold feet and she bought him a pair of these FootHugger Socks at a craft show. So, I bought a pair at the next craft show. Amazing! They are always in the wash because I want to wear them all the time. Here in Nebraska it can get very cold, but even when it isn't cold, they are SO comfortable. They are wonderful!


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