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FootHuggers Comfort Socks
FootHuggers Comfort Socks are changing the lives of people who live with foot-related problems including Diabetes, Neuropathy, Raynaud's, Arthritis, and cold feet. Anyone who wears FootHuggers will feel the significant improvement in comfort for their feet.

FootHugger Comfort Socks are helping thousands of people all over the world. People ask us, "Why do FootHuggers feel so much better?" Our answer is simple - It's the material.

The material we use is produced in the USA by a world leader in technical, syntheyic fabrics, and can be found in clothing and accessories all over the planet from the summit of Everest to the jungles of the Amazon basin. Applications range from extreme cold weather systems designed for U.S. Special Forces to lightweight, fast-wicking material used by ultra-marathoners. Is it any wonder why this same family of materials can help improve your quality of life.


FootHuggers benefit from this fabric's properties which include:

  1. The material is highly breathable and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor.
  2. The "contact points" on the fabric inner surface draw off your sweat. Sweat is wicked off the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it spreads rapidly for evaporation.
  3. When the sweat reaches the outside of the fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to dry at least twice as fast than cotton.


This body-hugging 4-way stretch material pulls moisture/sweat away from your skin keeping you dry, warm and comfortable without weight. This is the most versatile outdoor and fitness apparel fabric available today. Additionally, the materials compression stretch which can improve performance and reduces the chance of certain types of stop-go injuries. Our customers report reduced swelling in their legs wearing our Bootsock FootHuggers. FootHuggers are thin and actually take up less space in your shoes than typical cotton socks. Therefore, FootHuggers can be worn with any footwear, even tight fitting dress shoes.

FootHuggers have no elastic. Instead, Foothuggers use Lycra or Spandex material in the sock to hold the socks in place. No more tight fitting marks or dents on your legs. FootHuggers are individually hand sewn using a simple technique that keeps the seams small and flat. All seams are along the sides of your foot, not across the toe area.

FootHuggers are available in three styles:
Anklets, Crew Socks, & Knee-High Bootsocks

Choose the style that best meets your needs.


FootHuggers Anklets

FootHuggers Anklets Anklets are perfect in sneakers, sandals, or anytime you want a short sock. Anklets are also very good for people with heavier legs that find crew socks too restrictive. Short by design, FootHuggers Anklets offer wonderful comfort for anyone who desires a low-profile sock with all the comfort of FootHuggers. When worn with sneakers, Anklets extend over the top of the shoes covering the ankle. Unlike other anklets and footies, FootHuggers Anklets will not slip down under your foot causing discomfort.

(More Info about FootHuggers Anklets)


FootHuggers Crew-style Socks

FootHuggers Crew-style SocksCrew style socks are your most common style that people wear. Great general purpose sock.

FootHuggers Crew Socks extend approximately 4-6 inches above the ankle. (They are not mid-calf.) The top cuff is doubled and gently holds to your leg. FootHuggers socks do not use elastic. Instead FootHuggers use Spandex or Lycra. Both of these materials are very gentle on the feet and legs and do not grip your legs as aggressively as elastic. As a result, most people can wear FootHuggers Crew Socks with much improved comfort.

(More Info about Crew style socks)


FootHuggers Knee-High Bootsock

FootHuggers Knee-High BootsockThis is our tallest sock most commonly referred to as knee-high. And yes. It is very tall. The top cuff actually meets were your knee starts. The cuff rests in that small area just below the knee and above the calf muscle.

Bootsocks are perfect in any tall boot or simply for more general supprt of your leg. Excellant ski and snowboarding socks.

Like the Crew Style FootHuggers, the Bootsock has a top cuff that is doubled and gently holds to your leg. FootHuggers socks do not use elastic. Instead FootHuggers use Spandex or Lycra. Both of these materials are very gentle and do not grip your legs as aggressively as elastic.

(More Info about Knee-High Bootsocks)


Order Online: 24/7 - Everyday

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Customer Service Hours:
9:00am-4:00pm CST (Monday-Friday)
Phone (952) 240-4981


Ordered FootHuggers a week ago to try them out and now I have ordered 12 more pair! They are the most comfortable and warmest socks I have tried. I would never have thought that they would make such a difference in my life. I actually have not had cold feet aches since I put the first pair on! I have suffered from Raynauds for the past 10 years and this is the first product I have tried that actually made a difference. Thank you for such a wonderful product! I will be passing this site on to all my friends!

Helen, Elkhart, IN

Customer Review of ALL
FootHuggers Comfort Socks:

Hi, I am just home from Black Hills Stock Show 2007. I ran into your booth on a frigid evening when my husband was running to get the pickup and I was approached to try your socks. Skeptical, yes! They were different looking and had lots of promises and such. Diabetic approved, keeps your feet warm.... yeah right! I have diabetes and we have cold in South Dakota with wind chills of less than -35! I was cold doing chores and just being alive. But these socks.... hummmmm. Trying some on they felt so nice. Not bulky, comfort, flat seams, and well.... get the other sock and let me walk in them. Up the stairs and down, my feet were already soar and tired. These feel good, I thought.

Ok I bought a couple pair. Phone rang and I headed out to the pickup. Home at last. Well this has been a revaluation to say the least. My grandfather always said "No foot, no horse". I felt like a canner horse most days with my feet. I have hammer toes, bunions, and other conditions involving nerves and the balls of my feet not having natural padding . Needless to say my feet suffer on a daily basis. OK.... not even I believed it, these socks make a huge difference. I have to hand it to the inventor. They are truly awesome. They are soft as a baby foals muzzle.

Most socks, even those approved as diabetic socks, fall down, stretch out, have rubbing seams and are flat-out uncomfortable, I love these socks. They are not bulky, fit in my shoes, boots, and other footwear. No slipping down, crawling into the foot area, they don't sweat and pull on my toes and bind them up. I can move my toes to gain relief at anytime. My feet remained dry and comfortable. Do you know how much that means to me? Pain relief! Comfort! Oh yea, and remember how cold I said it was....well my feet were warm as were my legs wearing these boot socks. I loved them. I had to wash them over and over not only to test them, but to wear again during the week. And I tried to stretch them out and wear them twice in a row and they don't loose shape! I wore them to bed to keep my toes and legs toasty too. Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with them.

And to further my test, I purchased some diabetic approved crew socks at a footwear specialty shop to compare with. They lost quickly and totally. They fell down in my daily workout and crawled in to the foot of my shoes, collected moisture, pulled on my toes and were not warm! They were like the old slouch socks that were popular a while back. Not my opinion of comfort or relief for my problems. And they were priced about the same as these crew socks. Not much of a bargain.

I am a Curves fitness trainer so I wore my ankle socks to work thinking they would work down into my shoe and crumple up in the foot area....again my suspicious mind was wrong. Perfectly comfortable as the knee socks. They came through with flying colors. Speaking of colors there are several to choose from and I now have all 3 lengths to wear. I also raise Paint and Quarter Horses with my husband. I know he was asking about ordering them .... he works out in the weather nearly every day... contracting. He is also diabetic. I think he was hinting to get some too?

I am sold on these socks for life. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the relief from discomfort I have experienced. They are number one on my list. We will be customers for life. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Now I am looking at all the other neat items you have. We will be ordering soon. I am so thankful our paths crossed on a cold weekend in South Dakota. God Bless You All.

~ Jackie McElhaney in Edgemont, South Dakota



Order Online: 24/7 - Everyday

Order at:

Customer Service Hours:
9:00am-4:00pm CST (Monday-Friday)
Phone (952) 240-4981

"We bought a pair of FootHuggers Dual-System Socks at the Denver Stock Show. They are very comfortable to wear."

"I purchased FootHuggers Dual-System Socks and Liners. You're right, they are warm. I'm outside everyday for at least 5-6 hours. Thank you."

~ Brian Edwards in Fairport, NY


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