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The Everyday Gaiters Company, also known as FootHuggers Sock Company, is a family-based company founded on the needs of keeping our family warm and comfortable while living in the Arctic Tundra of Minnesota. All of our product designs have been personally worn and tested by both our children and us, mom and dad. In fact, we really didn't set out to start a business at all. My wife, Sarah, was simply trying to solve a problem that we were having with snow getting inside our children's boots. Unable to find anything in the local stores for children, Sarah decided to design her own solution. After much investigation and many trial balloons, she finally completed the design of a child's "gaiter". They worked so well that she made them for the entire family. That winter, we wore them everywhere and very often people would ask us where we bought them. Well, it didn't take too long before Sarah thought this might be a fun little business that she could do at home. That was many years ago and wow have things changed!

Extended FamilyToday we have expanded our product line to include a variety of items that help people be more comfortable in any environment. Our primary focus is for the extremities - your head, hands, and feet. Each item is designed to address real problems kids and adults face in cold environments. Today our most popular item is our line of FootHugger Comfort Socks. Made from Polartec Fabric, FootHuggers are soft, warm and oh so comfortable. FootHuggers can be worn with any shoes or boots. People who suffer with medical problems including Diabetes, Raynaud's Syndrome, Neuropathy, or anyone with just cold feet really love our FootHugger Comfort Socks. We now offer three styles: Knee-high, Crew, and Anklet.

Although our little company has grown, we still manufacture in Minnesota and are proud to say all of our products are made in the USA. We would welcome the opportunity to join you at your event.

I appreciate you taking the time to get acquainted with our company. If you would like to be more comfortable while working or playing in the cold, take a few moments and explore our website to check out our complete product line, or learn about the many health benefits of our line of FootHuggers Comfort Socks. Thanks for visiting. We look forward to helping you become more comfortable.

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"It is a family-run business and they make you feel like one of the family. I will continue to order from Everyday Gaiters because I just like the way they do business." ~ Online customer comment while placing a 2nd order


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We look forward to helping you become more comfortable.

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