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FootHuggers Comfort Socks

"The Most Comfortable & Warmest Socks I Have Tried."

FootHuggers Comfort Socks
FootHuggers Comfort Socks are changing the lives of people who suffer with Cold Feet and other foot-related problems including Diabetes, Neuropathy, Raynauds, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, and PAD. You will feel the difference from the moment you try them on your feet. FootHuggers can be worn with all footwear. FootHuggers are the most comfortable socks anywhere. If you have problem feet or sensitive feet, stop suffering, get FootHuggers.

FootHuggers Benefits:

  • Non-binding with no elastic
  • Wicks moisture away - promoting evaporation
  • Highly breathable, improves the flow of moisture vapor
  • Soft cushioning surround your feet maximizing comfort
  • Warms your feet in the Winter, helps evaporation cool feet in Summer
  • Helps soothe the pain and discomfort of Arthritis
  • Comfortable feet all day long - no tired feet at night
  • Helps increase circulation
  • Improved control of athlete's foot
  • Bootsocks stay up all-day - perfect for all tall boots
  • Bootsocks give gentle support to legs - helps with varicose veins issues


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Everyday Gaiters Co. - Winter Apparel

BootHuggers Winter Apparel
BootHugger Gaiters: BootHuggers keep snow out and warmth in. BootHugger Gaiters are simply the best answer to staying warm and dry anytime you have to be out in the snow and cold. Designed for adults and children, BootHuggers eliminate the chance of snow getting inside your boots. BootHuggers also keep your pants dry and help retain body heat from your knees down to your toes.

EarHugger Headbands: EarHugger Headbands are windproof, fleece lined, and warm. Best of all, EarHuggers are so thin, you can wear your favorite hat! Great under helmets, too!

HeadHugger Balaclava: HeadHuggers are simply the best answer to complete comfort and warmth for around your head. Perfect under any helmet or simply alone. Great for any bad hair days!!

WristHuggers: WristHuggers eliminate the gap between your jacket and glove. Helps keep fingers warm too by helping to increase circulation.

LegHuggers: Our version of this great idea made famous in the movies is called LegHuggers. Made from Polartec Fabric, they keep you oh so warm and comfortable. The classic look below the knee or further up the leg for maximum warmth. A great idea for all ages.

ArmHuggers: A great idea to help keep both your hands and arms warmer! ArmHuggers capture more body heat in the arm. This expands blood vessels and allows better circulation to the hands. Makes all your gloves and mittens warmer.

NeckHuggers: Also called Neck Gaiters or Neck-Ups. Our version is called NeckHugger. Soft and oh so comfortable. Made from Polartec Fabric, these have 4-way stretch allowing maximum comfort and flexibility. Perfect as a hat, too!

Beanies Hats: Also called stocking caps or tuques. They are soft, warm, and oh so comfortable. One size does fit all adults.


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